Isle of Lewis Day Tour

Bosta Beach

The Isle of Lewis Day Tour starts at 10.30am from Stornoway and can pickup from your accommodation. Discover the beauty of our amazing Island, photostops throughout.
£75 per person.

Isle of Harris Day Tour

luskentyre beach

Departing Stornoway town centre. The Isle of Harris Day Tour departs from Monday to Saturday - 10:30am. Throughout the year. Visit the world famous Luskentyre Beach and Rodel Church....... £100 per person.

Harris & Lewis Tour

Iron Age House Bosta Beach

A full day tour departing Stornoway at 9:00am. Exploring the best of Lewis and Harris, including a visit to an Island weaver, luskentyre beach, the golden road, arnol blackhouse and carloway broch.
£150 per person.


Winter is upon us

BrochThere is loads to see and do out here on the isle of Lewis. Some attractions have changed there opening times, apart from that it's business as usual in the Western isles.

Love Hebrides will be open for business all winter.

Iron Age House

Iron Age SmokeIt's not just the blackhouses of the 1800's that burnt peat fires, peat has been used as a heat source for centuries. The Iron age house at Bosta regularly has a peat fire on, a warm welcome awaits you on a wet and windy day.

Medieval Carvings

StoneCarvingBeautiful carvings of hunting dogs and galley's decorate the Chief Macleod tomb at St Clements church at Rodel, Harris.

Amazing to see the delicacy of the images portrayed on this stone.

Peat Smoke

Peat SmokeOnce smelt, never forgotten. The wonderful perfum of peat burning is an iconic aroma associated with west coast traditional homesteads, from ireland to the Butt of lewis.

The Itron Age house at Bosta often has a peat fire burning, so you can experience this unique atmosphere and lingering scent on your clothes for a (short) while after you have left the fireside!

Blackhouse Ruins

stone ruinThroughout the Western Isles you will see evidence of abandoned Blackhouses, many were left either due to emmigration or past eviction.

Thatched Roofs on Lewis

thatch For a few thousand years the homes of people living in the western Isles and highlands of Scotland were roofed with turf and hay/straw. An effective means of keeping the rain out buty does require regular maintenance.

Wintery Weather

distant stormAs we approach Autumn the weather turns a little more wintery. This adds a certain atmosphere to the photos with dramatic clouds and thunderous waves pounding onto Dalbeg beach. The ground becomes a little wet, so reasonable walking shoes are now advised. Fortunately there are plenty dry, sunny days too as we move into September.


ardroil beach 1Beaches on Lewis and Harris are amazing and usually empty!!

This is Ardroil beach were the famous Lewis Chessmen were found.

Arnol Blackhouse Experience

2970Still the most amazing place to visit in the Western Isles. The peat fire burns, the smoke rises and the atmosphere builds.

Peat Cutting

Peat Bank on LewisIn the Western Isles peat cutting is still taking place. Once the peats are cut, they are dried outside before being gathered up and stacked by the croft house. Cutting starts in may and the peats are generally bought home during August.

New - Inverness Shopping Trips...

2 busesSee the shopping trips and Eden Court Theatre page for off Island Trips.

Shopping in Inverness and Dingwall (overnight in Dingwall)


 Trips to see some select Eden Court Theatre shows

check out the choices.. other shows by request

Bosta Beach

bosta beach 1The weather has been so good time to go down the beach...

Bosta in fact on Great Bernera... beautiful


The Standing Stones at callanish

callnishMajestic, magical, mysterious and that's just your driver ! The Stones however, are all of these thing's. The atmosphere as you stand surrounded by this ancient circle is electric.

Blackhouse life on Lewis

arnol crockery

Household items are on display within the arnol blackhouse and when you pause for a moment, sit by the fire you can imagine the children running around, the hens pecking at the floor, someone putting another peat on the fire and mother preparing dinner. It's amazing..

Carloway Broch CLOSED !

broch close upSadly, the Carloway Broch has had to be closed off to visitors. This ancient monument is in need of some attention as it looks like rocks might fall.

We don't know how long it will be closed off but look forward to it reopening soon. Many hundreds of visitors climb all over the ancient structure and I guess the possibility of a collapse isn't to far fetched. Good luck with the repairs.

St Columbas Church

 st columbas church xJust outside Stornoway is one of the most important churches on Lewis. St Columbas Ui church is a category A listed building and is the burial ground of the Macleod chiefs. It is one of the most complete churches of the medieval period and on some of our tours we are able to pay a visit.

Beaches on Lewis

Dal Bheag Beach upsideIf you visit the Outer Hebrides, Luskentyre in Harris must surely be on the list as one of the best beaches in the UK..But Lewis has many equally gorgeous lesser known deserted beaches.

Deserted because everyone is down at Luskentyre! On our tours of Lewis we always try to include at least one of these hidden gems.

Crofting Life on Lewis

carloway viewCrofting Life on the Isle of Lewis.

Everywhere you go you see sheep and cattle and peat stacks outside crofters houses.The small strips of land that make up a croft, are barely sufficient to produce all the feed required for the animals throughout the year. Common grazing land out on the moor makes up for it in some way. Crofting as a way of life is not easy and no fortunes are made, but if it wasn't for crofting the landscape and the birdlife on these islands would just not be the same. The lack of mechanised farming, means that ground nesting birds are able to raise their chicks, without the risk of being 'mown up' by some large agricultural machinery. When on our tour, everywhere you go is accompanied with the sound of Skylarks, constantly singing high above you in the sky..a beautiful sound which is sadly missing now from so many parts of the UK.

Red River Whisky

barrelsHi folks, come and experience the real macoy - red river whisky. It is distilled in a small, privately owned distillery miles from anywhere. Rough and raw, and that's just the owner!! The whisky is smooth and can be arranged, which include a tasting session. Come smell the peat smoke that gives this local brew it's distinctive flavour..

Ardroil Beach

ardroil beach 1Come and see where the famous lewis Chessmen were found..the exact spot isn't really known, a storm uncovered the chess pieces in 1831...will more appear in 2019 ?

Well actually one did, not on the beach but found in a drawer !  For sale at 1 million pounds...what a lucky find..

Arnol Blackhouse Isle of Lewis

blackhouse roofArnol Blackhouse, the most amazing place on the Isle of Lewis. We go here everyday, it's fascinating and I find out something new about life in the 1800's each time I visit. Inside the visitor centre there is a terrific black and white film shot in the 1930's, showing life in and around the village of Arnol and the blackhouses.

The Carloway Broch

broch 1The Carloway Broch is probably the best preserved Broch left in Scotland, standing on it's remote hill top location over looking the Atlantic Ocean. Go inside and explore, but mind your head !

Built in the Iron age as a type of fortifide farm house. Incredible stone work, incredible labour, double skinned walls built of bare rock.

Callanish Standing Stone circle.

callnish 2No trip to the outer Hebrides or highlands of scotland is complete without visiting the largest standing stone circle in Scotland..amazing, impressive and a total one really knows what the purpose of these stone circles were, we can only guess... Touch them, feel them, just sit back and marvel at this ancient structure 5,000 years old...listen to the skylarks singing above you, feel the Hebridean beeze in your hair and enjoy the moment...another amazing experience to be had in the Outer Hebrides..join us on the Love Hebrides day tour to see these incredible relics of the past..

The Arnol Blackhouse.

Arnol 1Imagine going back in time, Imagine standing inside a Real Hebridean Blackhouse left exactly as the last inhabitants left it..the Arnol Blackhouse on the Isle of Lewis.

Smell the peat smoke, see where the animals lived alongside the people..We will take you right back to the 1800's, it's not a reproduction, it's not made up, it's a real blackhouse, turf covered, dark and smokey...Join us and we will take you there..unforgettable and yet one of many amazing experiences to be had on the Isle of Lewis.

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